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About me

My name is Olga, I'm from Kiev, Ukraine. My passion is making cakes and sweets to treat friends and relatives.
Everything started from my grandmother, who taught me how to make Russian "pirozhki" before I could speak. During all my childhood grandma and I were enjoying cooking different Russian foods, especially for holidays. From that time I started experimenting with different technologies and found out that modern mousse desserts implement my taste the most. Now I'm using recipes from best chefs as well as creating it by myself. I love mousse desserts for their variety of tastes, it allows you to play with different combinations achiving harmony.

What is mousse cake? Mousse cake or entremet is a modern dessert consists of airy mousse, fruits filling, cream and thin layer of sponge cake. Also it can contain crunchy layer, caramel, nuts etc. It is like ice cream, which holds the shape and not melting, at the same time requires to be stored at refrigerator. Average of my mousse cakes contains 30% to 50% less calories then regular cake.
What is the major steps of making mousse dessert? All mousse cakes are made by freezing it layer by layer, that's why it takes longer time to make it rather than regular cake. Final step is to cover the cake with mirror glaze or velvet spray. Finished cake has to be gradually unfrozen in refrigerator during 4-8 hours, after that time shelf life of the dessert is 72 hours in the refrigerator.


Only highest quality ingredients, one of the best chocolate in the world

All my products are made of best avaliable ingredients, most of which are not presented in retail stores. Brand of chocolate I'm working with is Callebaut and Cocoa Barry, both of which are professional and one of the top in the world. I made everything from the scratch, without using any premade mixtures, where you cannot control sugar level or avoid such an ingredients like palm oil. I'm not working with fondant because it is not adding any good for neither cake's taste, nor your body's health.